My New Housekeeper
Jordan Sinz aka Armani Knight never has any fun because her husband is always gone. Til the day he got a friend for her from Mexico. Jordan thought she was there to help around the house but come to find out she was there to help Jordan get off. These two are going to have many more days of fun.

Jordan Stays In
Jordan Sinz aka Armani Knight doesn’t feel like going out. She just wants to stay in and fuck. Her man has no problem with that and is soon getting his knob shined. Watch along as she gets fucked in more ways then 1.

Jordan aka Armani Knight is pissed at her worthless man that is sitting around doing nothing and not looking for a job. He eases her mind by putting his moves on her. Before long, Jordan has her mouth wrapped around his cock and is titty fucking him. Keep watching to see what happens next.