Payment Options



I know a few of you have addressed the fact that my site doesn’t accept Visa. I hope to have that changed with in the year but until that is fixed there are other options out there.

Many store carry pre paid master cards that you can get or even set up online like Payoneer (

 I have an account through them and have for years . So I just wanted to mention that to all of you incase you wanted to join my site that way.







A lil note

Hey Babes ,


I just wanted to let you know that I will be updating the members area of my site 1-2 times a month with new videos and XXX pictures so make sure you JOIN NOW!




Finally did it !

After years of putting it off, it looks like my site is finally here!

I couldn’t have asked for a better time then now either. So many things are starting to come together for me that its truly amazing.

August is going to be one busy ass month so you don’t want to miss a thing.


I will be working with DivAudi Entertainment on a film titled Vanity Dolls Starring Tila Tequila.


Friday the BOOTY LOUNGE & I will be in studio with Drew & Mike at 8:30am

Tuesday the 14th looks like I will be all tied up at JJ Plush’s Studio…, and


On Sunday the 19th I will be on the set of Uncle ILL’s music video


The 26th at 1pm Bike and Car wash for  The Michigan Humane Society at

Hydro Hut Garden Supply  located at 27332 michigan ave., Inkster, Michigan 48141


Then the next couple weeks are filled with various fetish shoots, personal/custom video work, radio interviews and photo shoots. I will be ending the month by doing a crazy Food Fetish shoot  with 2 other female models.


In the mean time you can always see the sexy and naughty side of me on cam ( where just about  anything and everything goes on!


 Luv Ya !